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A Walk In The Forest

One day there was a man walking through a forest. He walked in silence, wrapped up in his own thoughts as he returned home from his friends'. He had walked this route many times before, and barely needed to follow the path, but this time he seemed confused. The path wound oddly, and the trees looked strange. As he walked he noticed the air growing colder and the sky grew lighter. He checked around and wondered whether he'd lost his way in this distraction. He'd been so wrapped up in his thoughts that he must have missed a turning. He looked around for anythings familiar, but the whole forest looked strange. He continued walking, because he know that this forest ended at the village and he must have just drifted away from the regular path. He would reach the edge shortly. But after a while he began to doubt this; he'd been walking and there was nothing that seemed familiar and no village in sight. The sky had grown lighter, but with a blue haze which made the whole forest look ghostly. It was then that he saw the horse, grazing to the side of the rough path he was following. Hoping to find the rider, he turned towards the horse and started walking, but the horse moved away from him. He stopped, still unable to see any rider, or any one else at all. The horse stopped too, and looked back at him. It walked a short way forward and then looked back once more. Bemused, he began walking towards the horse again, and the horse moved on a little further. This continued a little while longer and it became obvious that he was being led by the horse somewhere. Bemused by this, but hoping the horse was returning home, he followed. As he followed, the sky darkened again and the air warmed, the forest taking one a more familiar look now. To one side, he saw a light, and then another, just breaking through the trees. The village was back in sight, to his relief. He turned from the lights to where the horse had been, but there was nothing there now. He entered the village thinking it had been a very strange night, and wondering if he'd ever seen a horse with a horn before.

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