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The Ship

James smiled. The ship would continue until they reached their destination. His sleep had been disturbed by a small rock strike only a day earlier and, as the maintenance technician on this trip, the systems had revived him to fix the problem. Over the last few centuries the crust of the asteroid had taken its share of weathering from dust, but even in the depths of space there was still the very unlikely chance that larger items would lie in their path. They'd been unlucky. The 'ship' - a hollowed out asteroid - was a mile thick, but even still there were instruments on the surface for navigation, and propulsion. It only had only taken a few hours to send a remote out to replace the broken instrument, but even in that time he had begun to feel the loneliness of space. Surrounded by ten thousand sleepers, and libraries of DNA sequenced flora and fauna, there was no company. The systems that ran the ship did their job, but they weren't friendly. He lay back in his pod and smiled again as he fell to sleep until the ship needed him again.

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