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I turned the light out and the room was dark and still. I knew why it was that I have found it hard to sleep for the past week. I was right that I was afraid of it. Not of the sleep, though. It's that twighlight time between waking and sleep. Those questions that I ask myself and that I cannot answer a thrust right into conscious thought. Those thoughts that are kept so very controlled during the day, at night just become the focus - the only thing in the world. I know where they take me. I know them for what they are. But at night, there's no place for rational thought. Delusions can be part of the real world at night. Things that are given no second thought during the day, take almost physical form at night. There's only one thing that I know to do that will stop them. I must think of something else. Anything else. Irrational things, dangerous things, even impossible things, but anything to keep away from those delusions. To keep my mind occupied until sleep takes me and a new day can banish those thoughts.

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