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FrontEnd - Sound window

Sound Doom screen
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No music

You can disable all the music with this option. This may make the game fractionally faster if you don't have any MIDI or CD to play it with.

MIDI music

If this is selected MIDI music will be used. The software MIDI synthsizer !Synth may be used with this option.

CD music

If this is selected CD music will be used. You should put an audio CD in your drive.


This option can make the game seem a little more atmospheric by varying the volume of music according to what is happening in the game.

Setup music

If selected, MIDI music will be played whilst the frontend is loaded. The music is taken from the IWAD and PWADs selected.

No sound

If you are playing games late at night it may be useful to disable the sound. Or you may just not like it. You have the option anyhow.


When you have completed the changes to the sound options you should click the 'Ok' button to confirm them.


Clicking the Cancel button will discard any changes you may have made. Disable all music Play music using MIDI Play music from the CD player Make the sound more 'atmospheric' Play music whilst setting up the game Don't play any sound effects Cancel any changes you may have made Confirm the changes

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