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Cheat sequences for Doom+

The cheats are one area in which Doom+ has changed little. Most of the things you can change are achieved through in game menus, or the front end.

idka 1.00 Give all ammo Disabled when networked
idkfa 1.00 Give all ammo and keys Disabled when networked
iddqd 1.00 God mode (invincible) Disabled when networked
idbehold# 1.00 Give items Disabled when networked
idclip 1.00 Toggle clipping (walk through walls) on Doom II Disabled when networked
idchoppers 1.00 Give chainsaw (and invincible) Disabled when networked
iddt 1.00 Increase detail in automap
2.00: At the third time this colours objects, draws keys and highlights doors
idclev## 1.00 Change level
idmus## 1.00 Change music track Disabled when networked
idmypos 1.00 Display current location Disabled when networked
idspispopd 2.00 Toggle clipping (walk through walls) on Doom I Disabled when networked
idtrans 2.00 Change translucency flag
idspread 2.00 Make plasma gun fire multiple rounds.
2.00: Toggle between 8 shots and 1
2.02: Increase number of shots fired
Disabled when networked
idpack 2.01 Give player a backpack Disabled when networked
idfight 2.01 Allow monsters to fight one another Disabled when networked
idkey# 2.01 Give a particular key Disabled when networked
idmuscd 2.01 Display CD name (if !CDDB in use) or number (if not)
idmusic 2.01 Display track name (if !CDDB in use) or number (if not)
idresamp 2.02 Change resampling level
idcache 2.02 Toggle column caching

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