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The Choices:Doom.Config file (which should be read as Choices:Doom.Config and written as <Choices$Write>.Doom.Config) follows the normal Doom format with one or two minor changes.

Lines starting with a '#' character are treated as comments and are ignored. All other lines will either be blank (and therefore ignored) or take the form :

  1. '<keyword> <spaces> " <string> "' for a textual string.
  2. '<keyword> <spaces> <number>' for a decimal number.
Doom+ understands a particular subset of these. Any options it does not understand are preserved, although comments may not be. Options which require a string but are given a number, or vice versa, are silently ignored. The options it currently understands and uses are :

sfx_volumeSound FX volume
sfx_swapstereoSwap stereo effects flag
music_volumeMusic volume
music_cdCD drive number
music_atmosphericAtmospheric music flag
show_messagesHUD messages flag
show_clockHUD clock type
alarm_timeAlarm time
alarm_messageAlarm message
message_colourHUD message colour
message_tinyHUD message size
message_linesNumber of HUD message lines
use_gammaGamma correction factor
use_resamplingResampling flags
use_translucencyTranslucency flag
use_translucentspectreTransluceny spectre flag
crosshairCrosshair type
crosshair_colourCrosshair colour
screenblocksSize of viewed display
detaillevelDetail reduced flag
automap_typeAutomap type flags
automap_sizePIP Automap view size
automap_pingPing propogation speed
quickdisplayOverlay 'quick' status information flag
winzoom_mulDesktop window zoom multiplier
winzoom_divDesktop window zoom divisor
wintext_fontDesktop messages window font name
wintext_usefontDesktop messages window font enable flag
autowad_doom1Filename of Doom1 IWAD
autowad_doom2Filename of Doom2 IWAD
naming_orbitShould names rotate around objects
naming_wavyShould names lightly wave
naming_playersShould players have floating names
naming_monstersShould monsters have floating names
naming_weaponsShould players have weapon names
naming_healthShould players have floating health
showfragsFrag counter display format
dimtypeType of dim to use when in menus
wipetypeType of wipe to use on screen change
aabackgroundsAnti-aliased background pictures flag
chatmacro1Alt-1 chat macro
chatmacro2Alt-2 chat macro
chatmacro3Alt-3 chat macro
chatmacro4Alt-4 chat macro
chatmacro5Alt-5 chat macro
chatmacro6Alt-6 chat macro
chatmacro7Alt-7 chat macro
chatmacro8Alt-8 chat macro
chatmacro9Alt-9 chat macro
chatmacro0Alt-0 chat macro
key_rightKey to turn right
key_leftKey to turn left
key_upKey to walk/run forward
key_downKey to walk/run backward
key_strafeleftKey to step left
key_straferightKey to step right
key_fireKey to fire
key_useKey to use keys, or trigger switches
key_strafeKey to sidestep
key_speedKey to run
key_jumpKey to jump
key_lookupKey to look up
key_lookdownKey to look down
mouse_sensitivityMouse sensitivity level
use_mouseMouse enable flag
mousebutton_1Select click effect
mousebutton_2Menu click effect
mousebutton_3Adjust click effect
mousebutton_4Select double-click effect
mousebutton_5Select double-click effect
mousebutton_6Select double-click effect
use_joystickJoystick enable number
joybutton_1Joystick button 1 effect
joybutton_2Joystick button 2 effect
joybutton_3Joystick button 3 effect
joybutton_4Joystick button 4 effect
joybutton_5Joystick button 5 effect
joybutton_6Joystick button 6 effect
joybutton_7Joystick button 7 effect
joybutton_8Joystick button 8 effect


The Choices:Doom.IWADs file (which should be read as Choices:Doom.IWADs and written as <Choices$Write>.Doom.IWADs) contains the locations of the IWAD files currently known about. These are listed in the form :

'<keyword> : <space> <filename>'

The currently known keywords are :

defaultDefault IWAD to play
doom1Doom I
doom2Doom II
doomuUltimate Doom
plutoniaThe Plutonia Experiment
evilutionTNT, Evilution
doom1sShareware Doom
unknownUnknown IWAD

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