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FrontEnd - Video window

Video Doom screen
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Fixed resolution

The fixed resolution version corresponds to the original PC version of Doom. It is provided merely for compatibility.

Variable resolution

You can enter any resolution you would like to and Doom will attempt to use this. If you can't use this in full screen mode then you will be notified by the 'Full screen' button lighting in red. You can select resolutions from the menu. The menu will only show resolutions which have actually been given a name (ie those that appear in the Display Manager window) by default, but by deselecting the 'Named' button it will show all modes known to exist.

8 bit colour

The original game used 8 bit colour, and this gives the fastest refresh rate. If you wish to use resampling, this will only be approximated in 8 bit colour.

24 bit colour

The 24 bit colour in Doom means that the colours are much more accurately matched and the lighting is vastly improved over the 8 bit version. On the down-side, 24 bit colour requires four times the memory - so you may not be able to play in as high resolution as with 8 bit - and requires more processing - so will run more slowly. If you use resampling, you will see that everything looks much smoother and more impressive, at the expense of taking much longer to process.

No StrongARM optimisations

On the StrongARM it is possible to speed up the game by using a number of techniques specific to this procesor. However, on other machines this can have a bad effect so you are able to turn off these optimisations.

Full screen

In 'Full screen' mode, the game takes over the entire machine and runs much faster.


In windowed mode, you can use other applications along side Doom.

Bright 24 bit colour

In 24 bit colour, DOOM v1.01 was found to be a little dark, so this option was added to 'brighten' the game. You may, however, prefer the more dark and dingy version as this gives a little more atmosphere to the game.

Single buffering

Doom will auto-detect how much VRAM your machine has and use double or triple buffering for the display. Basically this means that it will attempt to make the update as smooth as possible, given the hardware you have. Doom also supports 'single buffering'. In this mode, it is possible to use any screen mode which is available to you at the expense of having a slower update rate. Because of this, you must explicitly select the 'Force single buffer' switch before Doom will use this.


When you have completed the changes to the video options you should click the 'Ok' button to confirm them.


Clicking the Cancel button will discard any changes you may have made. 'Standard' PC resolution Variable resolution 8 bit colour Use true colour graphics Disable the strongarm optimisations Make true colour graphics 'brighter' Single buffer the screen to use higher resolutions Start the game in full screen mode. Start the screen in windowed mode. Cancel any changes you may have made. Confirm the settings.

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