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JSlige - The Doom level creator

[slige] Name: JSlige
Version: Slige 474 (Port 1.03)
Last updated: 28 Sep 1999
JFShared: Not required
Download: Link removed
Plugin line: !JSlige G Random levels
Description: Slige, by Dave Chess is one of the most impressive of the Doom tools I have come across; this is my port of it with a simple RISC OS frontend provided for the use as a plugin to Doom+ (v2.07 or later required). Slige provides a infinite amount of Doom levels by generating them randomly.

This archive also contains a copy of bsp, by Colin Reed and Lee Killough, which is required to finish construction of the levels.

[slige] Name: JSlige476
Version: Slige 476 (Port 1.04)
Last updated: 04 Nov 1999
JFShared: Not required
Download: Link removed
Plugin line: !JSlige G Random levels
Description: This version of Slige is a port of the slightly later version which includes support for the -dm (deathmatch) option. Until such time as the source for 476 is on full release, I'll keep this as a seperate download.

Screenshots from the frontend

[JSlige configuration window]
Slige configuration window (v1.03)

[JSlige processing window]
In the process of building a level.


Version 1.00 (05 Aug 1999) First version.
Plugin only, really.
Version 1.01 (06 Aug 1999) Added 'true' support for non-plugin use.
Added support for saving the output and text.
Added clipboard support.
Corrected broken switches which were inverting their meaning.
Added authors to the info box.
Updated Help file.
Version 1.02 (10 Aug 1999) Fixed key/error handling.
Added support for style selection.
Version 1.03 (28 Sep 1999) Slige 474 ported (1.02 was 464).
Version 1.04 (26 Oct 1999) Slige 476 ported and included.
Updated front end with new DeathMatch flag and new way of working the 'Seed' option.

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