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DoomPS - a level mapper

[doomps] Name: DoomPS
Version: Port 1.00
Last updated: 03 Oct 1999
JFShared: Not required
Download: Link removed
Plugin line: !DoomPS L Map level
Description: DoomPS, by James Bonfield and ported by others, provides a means of determining viewing the map of particular Doom levels. This is a simple port to RISC OS of the utility.

Screenshots from the frontend

[DoomPS configuration window]
DoomPS configuration window

[DoomPS map display window]
A map of Doom1, episode 1, level 1


Version 1.00 (03 Oct 1999) First version of the front end released.
Some problems appear to occur with saving drawfiles out which are the issue of the back end really, but they're only noticable when you load the file into Draw, and don't use the in built displayer.

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