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FrontEnd - Main window

Main Doom screen
Click on the icons to jump to their descriptions.

IWAD selection

You can select from the known IWADs using the pop up menu on the IWAD bar. IWADs that have been seen previously are remembered so that they can be used in future sessions, and if a PWAD requires 'auto selection' of an IWAD.

PWAD selection

PWADs can be added by either running them, or dragging them to the main window. You can have an almost limitless number of PWADs loaded at one time, although only a few are designed with more than two PWADs in mind.

PWAD remove icon

The 'x' icon beside PWADs allows you to remove those PWADs that you have added by accident.

PWAD information

If information is available on a PWAD (ie, a /txt file exists) this icon will light up and clicking on it will load the file.

PWAD type

The PWAD 'type' icon indicats that this is a PWAD. The only other type of file that can appear here at present is a save game file.

Initial level selection

When you start the game, this field indicates the level on which you will begin. When additional PWADs are supplied, this defaults to only displaying the levels which are provided by the PWADs. Selecting 'Base levels' will cause all the levels which are in the base IWAD to also be included.

Quit FrontEnd

The large '!' button will exit the front end, discarding all the changes you have made. It is equivilent to clicking on the close icon.

Play Doom+

The 'Doom' icon will save the currently confirmed settings and start the game proper. IWAD selection bar Initial level selection Video configuration Network configuration Sound configuration Controls configuration Miscellaneous configuration Quit Doom+ Play Doom+ Remove this PWAD from the list Information about PWAD Type of file for PWAD list Add on PWADs box

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