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Edward fell to the floor. He knew he was going to die when he saw the gun, but for some reason he hadn't been afraid. Maybe it was the thought that there was a heaven waiting for him, and there his Mary would welcome him with open arms, or maybe it was just terror. As he lay there, all he could think of was the fact that he was sorry for all he had done.

He had ended up here behind the warehouse after being moved on from the library doorway where he usually lived, a few hours ago. The warehouse was usually deserted, so the boxes outside were a dry place to stop the night. None of the other people he knew were here though, so he stuck to what he knew - the library, the grocery store, and the back of the supermarket.

He'd been living like this for a few months now. Ever since the house had been repossessed he'd sunk lower and lower into depression, but the real trigger had been Mary's death. She had died of Cancer eight months ago, and Edward hadn't even tried to get over it. Without her, he really didn't have much to live for.

And as he lay there beside the police cars, he knew that there wasn't any thing he would ever be able to live for. As people were hearded into the backs of cars and ambulance sirens screamed, his eyes clouded over and blurred into nothing. And there, in front of a raided warehouse, Edward Binns died.

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