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The Wanderer

The world is all round
Where it used to be square
There's no sense to be found
Is this a dream ? Are you really there ?

It spins around
It twists and turns
It's hard to think right
When your mind just burns

A ringing sound, or flashing light
Brings on an odd thought that isn't quite right
Can you know what is real
When the memories change too soon

You feel so loose and out of place
You try to keep up, to keep the pace
But the rules all change
And the games are not the same, and more

So you scream to the sky
'Let me out of this head !
If this isn't real, I'm better off dead'
But this is a dream and you drift some more

'cos it's always the same
It's like a childs game
You've lost the anchor to the boat of your mind
Will there be any sanity left to find

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