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The Screws Are Loose

The screws are loose;
I don't know how.
It happened some time;
Way back in the past,
and I don't know where they have gone.

The screws are loose;
I think that's right.
They wiggled and wriggled,
and squirmed apart,
and it's making me feel quite sick.

The screws are loose;
I wish they weren't.
One day soon now,
my head'll drop off,
and roll around on the floor.

The screws are loose;
I think I've lost some some.
Something fell out,
when I nodded just then,
and I'm hoping the few left will hold.

The screws are loose;
but they seem to be fine.
My head's still on,
but it doesn't seem so good,
'cos it wobbles so bad when I walk.

The screws are loose;
oh dear... <thud>

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