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The Dream Of A Life

Do you see what it is ?
And do you feel who you are ?
Or is your life just a dream,
That you are living from afar.
Are the games that you play,
Just a shadow of a day,
That you lived in a life in the past.

But if you saw what I see,
And if you felt what I feel,
Then you could live with the dream of a life.

It's a dream that you need,
And a dream that you hold;
When the night and the fear closes in.
It's a cool sense of joy,
Through a curtain of light,
That gives sense and a reason to it all.

But if you knew what it was,
As you lived through the past;
When the day had a life of its own.
Would you be there now ?
Should you have made that choice ?
And taken the path to today.

Could it be as it was,
Through the past that we lived,
And the future we dreamt we might lead.
That the things that we knew,
Were the things that we wished,
Are the dreams that we saw yesterday.

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